Friday, July 15, 2016

Undocumented Employed Joke: Representation for Taxation

I was in Los Angeles, California, talking to some individuals that I knew. One of them let me know that he was undocumented. The question came up about tax season. Jokingly those of us employed dreaded the entire ordeal of tax session. Then the undocumented individual stated…”I want to pay taxes!” His friend laughed informing him – he could not pay taxes because he is undocumented and he has no social security card or employment id/green card: to spite the fact he works under the table.

That did not stop the individual from continuing his thought…He wants to pay taxes. He worked in the United States, although he is not a citizen, he would like to become a citizen and he believe that by paying taxes on the money he earned, he can get some REPRESENTATION for TAXATION.
Well the ideal is not a foreign or funny as we first thought – here are some links regarding the issues of UNDOCUMENTED TAXATION for REPRESENTATION.

written by: Paul Goree 2016/July

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